" Don’t all agents do the same job? "

I understand. When we come to your home and pitch for your business to sell your home or even let and manage your home, we “sharp suited estate agents” are all full of the same promises to provide get you the best price or “sell it in a week, as we’ve got hundreds of buyers on our system”.

Paul McGuirk - 16/08/17

" Watchdog V Purple Bricks? "

Well many people tuned into the BBC last week and looked at the BBC taking to task the owner of Purple Bricks. In turn, many estate agents were jubilant in our beloved broadcaster exposing what we already know. That you don’t get something for nothing and there’s no such thing as half price gold.

Paul McGuirk - 10/08/17

" Serving a section 21 - all you need to know "

As a landlord, you wish to end a tenancy? Well there’s just a few items to get in order.

Paul McGuirk - 04/08/17

" Fair Wear and tear - a Landlords guide "

Once a tenant leaves a property there’s the uncomfortable discussion about the return of the deposit. This is often where the landlord and tenant have different views and it can often get a little tense. From a technical point of view the House of Lords defines fair wear and tear as: ‘Reasonable use of the premises by the tenant and the ordinary operation of natural forces’. So when do natural forces become in excess of what is ‘ordinary’?

Paul McGuirk - 26/07/17

" Pros and cons of multiple agency "

Many agents will ask you to let them have “sole agency” on your home and in exchange for this they will offer you a discount on their fees. The original idea, back in the day was that an agent would sell 2/3rds of the multiple agency instructions and would therefore offer a discount if they were given exclusivity to one agent. The world has changed, but both options still exist. So, which is best?

Paul McGuirk - 14/07/17

" Universal Credit - Are you ready? "

Thanet is now the latest authority to be moved to the governments Universal Credit system by the Department of Work and Pensions and this will now revolutionise the way benefits are paid.

Paul McGuirk - 07/07/17

" Why Should I reduce? The agent valued it! "

Over the past few weeks all agents, despite their protestations, are seeing the property market tighten.

Paul McGuirk - 28/06/17

" Fire Alarms - A landlord’s responsibility "

After the devastating fire in London last week we have had lots of landlords calling us this week to check their obligations.

Paul McGuirk - 21/06/17

" Election 2018 - where does this leave the housing market? "

What an own goal by the conservative party! Rather than getting a mandate to lead the country into Brexit negotiations, the conservative party seem to have forgotten the issues that affect real people.

Paul McGuirk - 15/06/17

" Survey down valuations! Why and what happens? "

With a booming market, we haven’t seen this issue for a while, but clearly over recent weeks we have seen several surveyors questioning the sale price which has been agreed.

Paul McGuirk - 09/06/17
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