How to tell the Children

Moving is very exciting for us as adults, new beginning, fresh start or even a new project on the go. As adults we can consume and even embrace this type of stress, but what goes through the minds of Children?

Ok, so in some cases it will be excitement, a bigger room or garden and all those things.  But how do you explain to a young mind the concept of having strangers looking round your home, going in their bedrooms and the fact mummy and daddy may become a little stressed with the whole situation.   Add into this the idea they may have to move schools, playgroups or social environments.

Plus, the stress you, as adults are going to experience and the effect it can have on the little ones as issues arise along the way.  Remember that children, even teenagers have little concept about earning money and the costs of living, let alone what an estate agent does, what a mortgage is or even what a local authority search is for.  

So treat them with kid gloves.  You may not decide to share the experience too early.  After all, selling and buying can take 3 months at best and kids aren’t known for their patience.   Also be careful in the information you convey or try and be considerate to their feelings.   

And remember, it’s their home too.   It holds memories of all those Birthday parties and Christmas feasts and so, like you, they will leave their old home with a tinge of fond regret. 

But, moving is exciting, so let them be involved in the choices too.   (although we wouldn’t recommend letting them have the biggest bedroom just for an easy life!)

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Category: How to tell the Children
Paul McGuirk - 26/01/18
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